Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hello, Blog Friends.

Updates are few and far between these days, eh?  I've been sucked in to the vortex known as FrontierVille on Facebook.  My husband is holding an intervention for me over the holidays.  :(  That, and.... well, I have a life! 

At any rate, I wanted to wish you each a Merry Christmas.  There are so many of you whose blogs I read, and those of you who comment on mine..... I really appreciate the online community I'm a part of, however loose it may be and how little of the "classified" details I may know about your lives.  Thanks for contributing to my sanity, each of you in your own way.  You really know what it means when I say I'm a married single mom sometimes, and I am so grateful.  Merry Christmas!

Also, Motor Cop's wife started blogging at Beyond The Boots and Britches.  If you don't read MC's blog, you should -- Pronto!  It's hilarious.  Then, visit MC's wife for a view of the other side.  :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's good to be a girl.

This happened today:

Charlotte: "Mom, I don't have enough energy for walking today."
Me: "Ok, then you can run!"
Charlotte: "I don't have enough energy for that."
Me: "Ok, then you can skip!"
Charlotte: "I don't have enough energy for that."
Me: "You can hop instead."
Charlotte: "I don't have enough energy for that, either." [pouty pouty]
Me: "Oh, well... then you probably don't have enough energy for twirling like a princess.  Being a princess is so much work.  It takes so much energy."
Charlotte: "oh, MOM.... I have all the energy for that."

So we twirled our way to the store this afternoon.  I got no complaints and we entertained the passersby. It's all about perspective.  :)