Tuesday, June 30, 2009

General Update

I did it. As a third-time mom, I finally had enough of Dallas' almost constant crying and dragged him to the pediatrician today. I love our pediatrician; she's been "ours" since Austin was 1 year old. She has pretty similar philosophies in life as we do, has four kids, and doesn't talk down to me when we're discussing the "proper care and feeding" of the little kidlets. Anyway, I wrote down my long list of all the things I thought were wrong or off about him (my mom even suggested Cystic Fibrosis -- thanks mom!) and one by one the doctor dismissed them. It made me feel a lot better, except for the part about her wanting to protect Dallas from me since he cries so much and I confessed to being frustrated with him and wanting to throw him against a wall. (Those were her words, not mine. I would have said drowning in the bathtub. But he's so cute, I really could never do it. Don't worry, people!!) Those medical types are all freaked out about post partum depression. I even had to fill out a TOTALLY obvious questionnaire (authored by a drug company no less) trying to determine if I am post partumly depressed or at risk to become so. HELLO PEOPLE! I'm the mother of three kids under five. Of course I'm insane!!

But I digress. How is this LEO related (except for the mandatory reporting itch you might be feeling about possible child abuse)? Well!! DH stayed home with the two older kids so I could be at the doctor in peace with Dallas. Bliss, I tell ya!

In other LE news, in an effort to penny pinch DH's department is coming up with all these wacky schemes to save money, including some sort of merger with another department in order to save on a Chief's salary. Are you kidding me??? Evidently it's moving forward (according to the POA rep) after which time they are talking layoffs across the department. Dear Lord! I think DH has enough seniority to be "safe" (if they do it that way), but who knows!??!

The most "exciting" news this week is that one of DH's academy mates has "resigned." The story is full of mystery, intrigue, guile, and backstabbing (evidently) but the good news is that DH might score some of his gear for cheap. I'm not sure that any of that is particularly exciting or good but I'm trying to stay positive.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A quick surfacing for air...

Hello blog world. Nice to see you. Welcome to my new readers. I'm quickly surfacing for air into the land of the living to say, I'm leaving it again. ;) I've been gallivanting around the state for the last two weeks. I even took the train by myself with ALL three kids in tow for the first time, with great success. (Not cheap but definitely fun, I'm glad I was brave enough to do it. The great success came from sitting in the "disabled/elderly" section of the train because all those grandmas and grandpas were totally enthralled with the tiniest 6 week boy, the flirty 2.5 year old girl, and the stoic 4.5 year old boy. ha ha) But I digress...

Remember how I said it's been guns, guns, guns non stop around here?!?! Well I don't think there is any end in sight, which I was really hoping for. boo hiss. Husband hung out with some super "professional" gun competitors recently and came home with a list a mile long of all the things he needs to be properly outfitted. (This is where, if I were a cussing kind of lady, I would do so. However, I am not.) Here's my list, since we're making them: a new toaster oven, a computer printer, a minivan, a laminating machine, a house (ha, I crack myself up). We'll see who completes theirs first. I'm sure it won't be me. Anyone notice how my entire list would benefit EVERYONE in the family?

For the record, I'm not really "into" guns but I'm being so indoctrinated and can't escape that I figure I might as well jump ship and join the enemy. While we were traveling around I found myself thinking I wanted to get my own "cute" little handgun and start dabbling in husband's all-consuming hobby. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Ugh, I cannot believe I just said that! Do you have a gun-obsessed spouse? Do you share the hobby, tolerate it, or....?

Finally, a disclaimer: If this post makes absolutely no sense, I have a few explanations. First, it's four in the morning. I'm married to a graveyard-er but I am not one myself. 'Nuff said. If that were not enough, I am totally loopy from lack of sleep. I am almost 90% sure that Dallas has colic so we are rocking, walking, patting, and pacifier-addicted almost 24/7. On that happy note, don't expect to hear from me again too soon, although I will do my best!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Everything looks good from here

I just realized it's been over a week since my last post. I thought I'd take a moment to let you know that yes, I'm still alive (barely) and complain a little bit. I already called my mom and whined to her, now you all are getting it! :)

DH normally works nights, and because of some added training and court time (both during the day this week!) it felt like he only had a one day weekend. I don't like that! (duh, who does?) The baby ~ now FIVE weeks old if you can believe that! ~ is still a terrible sleeper and super whiny. I've cut out all manner of dairy to see if that helps him, and I think it does help a bit although not enough. I'm sleeping five hours a night (on a good night) in 1.5 or 2 hour snippets. So on days he doesn't work I take a nice long afternoon nap. Not this week! So I'm pretty grouchy.

DH is also consumed with a bunch of gun related junk right now (more on that eventually) and as I type is off practicing at the range. I'll be happy when that's all over and I can dump the kids on him and say "goodbye!"

So.... I'm in emergency operations mode, down in the dumps, and thus the title of this post: EVERYTHING looks good from here. Which isn't so bad, right? There's only one way to go from here, and that's up. Don't take it personally if I'm not around for a while longer; I'm battening down the hatches and trying to feed my family something other than McDonald's drive through!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Did I also mention....?

... that I come to my adult life with a familial LEO history? My grandpa was a state patrolman, and two of my uncles work for the same law enforcement agency. One of those uncles is now a detective on the homicide detail after spending way too much time in narcotics. (I think my aunt got a little freaked out when one of his suppliers or buyers ran into them at the local mall and started talking shop. I would be freaked out too!!)

Anyway, this homicide uncle was recently interviewed on one of those billions of crime shows about a murder for which he and his partner were lead detectives. I just finished watching it, and two things stuck out.
  1. It was SUPER weird to see my uncle on TV, and all his associated mannerisms, quirks, and intonations. I don't know anyone that's famous like that or watch them on TV!
  2. I was really really mad about the RI-DI-CU-LOUS mirandizing fiasco that prevented the admission of the killer's testimony at his trial. Check this out:
    • The detectives are interviewing the suspect. He is denying everything. Eventually they say "so-and-so has confessed to blah blah blah and put you at the crime scene as the killer." What does the suspect do? He lawyers up, says he wants a lawyer. The detectives immediately stand up and say "OK bye" (actually my uncle says "Good luck to you" which has me CRACKING UP because it's so "him"). The suspect says "No, wait, I'm just trying to ask you questions and you're leaving me" to which my uncle again repeats "Good luck to you." (ha ha) The first detective is already out the door, the second one is about to shut it (they're showing the interview room camera).... at which point the suspect says "Ok, Ok, I waive my right to a lawyer and I want to tell you what happened!"
    • The suspect then proceeds to detail everything that happened, even using the two detectives as players in the demonstration of exactly where everyone was when it happened. He even suggests a possible motive!
    • Is the testimony admitted for the trial? NOPE! You know why? Because after he lawyered up -- then CHANGED HIS MIND -- the detectives did not *re*mirandize him. It made me go crazy. I know it's for everyone's protection that they are read their rights but come on people!! Is this the justice system or the CRIMINAL justice system???
Ok, I think that's enough about that. I know I am kind of preaching to the choir. On this happy note, I see that everyone is asleep and I could be too. What am I doing writing this?!?! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You're not "real"

My oldest child will be starting Kindergarten in the fall, and we're going to do this year homeschool-style. :D We've joined a cottage school where little man will take a few classes two days a week and I am really looking forward to this year (but kind of scared, too!).

Yesterday I was explaining to the kids that we would be going to a "school meeting" at a park. While the kids could play at the park, the mommies and daddies would have their meeting about the school. The kids were kind of surprised that my husband would be coming along, since he is usually working or sleeping off his work instead of coming along to these sorts of things. I did try to explain that in fact, I didn't know if Daddy was coming, it all depended on if he was asleep or not (sound familiar?!?!?!).... to which my little man asked "Why, is the meeting only for real daddies and not police daddies?"

I'm not sure how I should feel about that. So my husband is not a real daddy? Yikes.

Monday, June 1, 2009

What to do?

A fellow officer at DH's department lost her husband a few months ago. He was an officer at another agency and was killed in the line of duty. No joke, I think about her (and her daughter) every day, and lately it's been a lot more frequent. If you are a LEO spouse I don't have to explain myself and all the things I think about. Anyway, I have only met her a few times, but I totally want to "do" something for her. Any suggestions? Don't want to be totally psycho (ha ha) but also want her to know I am thinking of her.