Monday, June 1, 2009

What to do?

A fellow officer at DH's department lost her husband a few months ago. He was an officer at another agency and was killed in the line of duty. No joke, I think about her (and her daughter) every day, and lately it's been a lot more frequent. If you are a LEO spouse I don't have to explain myself and all the things I think about. Anyway, I have only met her a few times, but I totally want to "do" something for her. Any suggestions? Don't want to be totally psycho (ha ha) but also want her to know I am thinking of her.


Erin said...

I'm the "sergeant" of the Behind the Blue Line spouse group for police wives in Winston-Salem, NC. Sending a card is always a good idea, especially a while after the fact, because I know of wives who feel their husbands have been forgotten after a while. They also feel that although they're still part of the LE community, they're not *really* part of it anymore.

kd said...

Thanks, Erin. That's what I'd thought of too, but it just seems so..... hollow in comparison to the gravity of the situation. But it's better than what I am/have been doing (nothing!).