Monday, May 25, 2009

No more lying :(

DH was recently sent to a multi-day seminar on how to read micro and macro expressions (think body language) along with techniques for interviewing and interrogating suspects, victims, witnesses, etc.

Upon his return he sounded rather enthusiastic (for him) about what he learned, and what he recounted to me sounded interesting. While I applaud his efforts to improve himself and his career, I'm disappointed because that means no more secrets and lying for me! DH will know when I look up and to the right while crossing my arms that I'm totally fibbing! ha ha ha.


Meadowlark said...

LOL. Yeah, that sucks. At our house, it's "no more shopping online and fibbing about it". Mr. Computer Forensics will know. :)

kd said...

I'm glad at least one person finds this humorous. I told a "civilian" wife friend this story today and she about had a heart attack. "But you never really lied, did you?" ha ha.

mrs. fuzz said...

Ha! I never get away with lying know matter how hard I try. But without knowing those techniques I can totally tell when HF isn't being straight with me.

Sounds like a cool seminar. I remember learning in a college class once about how to tell when someone isn't telling the truth and I totally remember them saying that the person usually looks up and to the right! I look for it sometimes in others. :)

How are things going with #3?