Friday, May 1, 2009

Mrs. Fuzz over at A Police Wife has related stories about one academy classmate of her husband's whom she calls "CJ" or "Calamity Jane." My DH works with his own version of a CJ right now and I thought some of you might be interested in hearing.... Recently on shift they had a discussion of the various types of legal and illegal weapons citizens may own, and with a large arsenal in the briefing room the officers were asked which weapons were legal and illegal and why. DH's "CJ" said "Aren't they all illegal? They all have scopes on them which allow you to see your target up close." As DH related this to me he said "uh yeah.... and those binoculars you use for bird watching UP CLOSE are illegal too."

Following up on the "dumb girl" stories, later that night another (female) officer walked out to her POV to go home. She told DH not to laugh if her car didn't start. "It only seems to happen when I'm low on gas, and I need to fill up!"

Uh.... yeah... what do YOU think the problem is?? After some inquiries it seemed to DH like maybe she needs a new battery, but seriously... low on gas? Hmm......

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mrs. fuzz said...

It seems like I'm finding that just about every department has a CJ! i want to know if there are any guy CJs. Now that would be interesting.