Friday, June 5, 2009

Did I also mention....?

... that I come to my adult life with a familial LEO history? My grandpa was a state patrolman, and two of my uncles work for the same law enforcement agency. One of those uncles is now a detective on the homicide detail after spending way too much time in narcotics. (I think my aunt got a little freaked out when one of his suppliers or buyers ran into them at the local mall and started talking shop. I would be freaked out too!!)

Anyway, this homicide uncle was recently interviewed on one of those billions of crime shows about a murder for which he and his partner were lead detectives. I just finished watching it, and two things stuck out.
  1. It was SUPER weird to see my uncle on TV, and all his associated mannerisms, quirks, and intonations. I don't know anyone that's famous like that or watch them on TV!
  2. I was really really mad about the RI-DI-CU-LOUS mirandizing fiasco that prevented the admission of the killer's testimony at his trial. Check this out:
    • The detectives are interviewing the suspect. He is denying everything. Eventually they say "so-and-so has confessed to blah blah blah and put you at the crime scene as the killer." What does the suspect do? He lawyers up, says he wants a lawyer. The detectives immediately stand up and say "OK bye" (actually my uncle says "Good luck to you" which has me CRACKING UP because it's so "him"). The suspect says "No, wait, I'm just trying to ask you questions and you're leaving me" to which my uncle again repeats "Good luck to you." (ha ha) The first detective is already out the door, the second one is about to shut it (they're showing the interview room camera).... at which point the suspect says "Ok, Ok, I waive my right to a lawyer and I want to tell you what happened!"
    • The suspect then proceeds to detail everything that happened, even using the two detectives as players in the demonstration of exactly where everyone was when it happened. He even suggests a possible motive!
    • Is the testimony admitted for the trial? NOPE! You know why? Because after he lawyered up -- then CHANGED HIS MIND -- the detectives did not *re*mirandize him. It made me go crazy. I know it's for everyone's protection that they are read their rights but come on people!! Is this the justice system or the CRIMINAL justice system???
Ok, I think that's enough about that. I know I am kind of preaching to the choir. On this happy note, I see that everyone is asleep and I could be too. What am I doing writing this?!?! :)


Meadowlark said...

You're writing this so we can all be annoyed together. Which we often are, since the "justice" system is so messed up.

Although it's the best one out there.

Peace to you.

mrs. fuzz said...

This stuff drives me crazy as well about our system. Kind of cool that you got to watch your uncle on tv!

Heart and Sow Designs said...

I have a family of LEO's too, my husband, city, and two of my brother-in-laws were deputy sheriffs in CA. I know having family who are LEO's has there ups and there downs. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I rather be on the right side of the law than on the wrong side, you know what I mean.