Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Wow, I just googled "ch-ch-ch-changes" and you would not BELIEVE how many people use that online. Anyway, I was trying to find the lyrics and with all you unoriginal people out there using this for your blog posts it took me a few tries. I wanted to see if the lyrics to the song actually apply to my post, but... well... I was too lazy to read through them all. (You can read them on your own.) So here 'goes.

I've probably mentioned more than once that Hubs works graves, going in to work a little after the kids are in bed and getting home a little after they wake up. (It sure would be nice if he'd get home a little earlier in the morning because I could stay asleep and he could be in charge of morning wake up call! But I digress...) I was recently thinking about how Hubs has only been on days (my dream schedule!) for maybe 12 months of his career. The remainder of his time on has been graves, and mostly by choice. At least I'm pretty sure that's how it's happened. I was just thinking that come the next shift change, I'd be excited to try something new and I was thinking of suggesting the "dreaded swing shift." It starts around 2 or 3 PM at this dept, and Hubs has always said he thinks it's the absolute worst for families. Except for a short stint while on FTO "we've" never been on swings (and you LEO significant others know it's a WE in this!). I'm willing to try anything for a time given enough breathing room and advance notice. Aren't I the gem? So I was somewhat surprised when Hubs called the other night and told me it was his turn for shift sign up. What a ko-ink-y-dink. "Already??" I asked incredulously. So we went around and around for half an hour...not a good idea on my part at midnight, but oh well.

The verdict?

Swings it is.

Give me a few months and I'll either be singing it's praises or begging for mercy and a return to graves. Only time will tell!


Natalie said...

What's his off schedule like? The only thing that gets me through my husband's night shifts are the 4 days he has off inbetween shifts. One of those days he's sleeping the shift off and the one right before the shift he's sleeping half the day to get ready for nights again, but those two days inbetween are definitely used to the fullest!

He prefers nights the most, especially during the summer, because there's more to do and "excitement." He only did a swing shift for a bit, but it was so short that I couldn't tell you if it was worse or better. Keep us posted on how it goes for the fam!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I found swings to be VERY good for young families. Your husband is home during the day when the kids are awake, you can have quality time alone during nap time and all you have to do by yourself is dinner and bedtime. You can make ANYTHING work, I know, daughter of a cop and wife of a cop for nearly 15 years. It is our job to adjust and God has always helped me and sometimes I could swear those shift, the hard ones, were from God to make us depend and trust in him.

My husband's midnights CURED me of my fears at night LOL.

Let us know how it goes.


Leah said...

Right now, CC is on the "swing" shift, and I just went back to work (I'm a teacher). And we never see each other! We only get to text during the day pretty much. So, good luck to you! But I think you're a SAHM so maybe it won't be so bad! :)

OrdinaryLife said...

My husband is working days right now, by pure luck of the draw. He would much rather be on midnights - but he doesn't have enough senority to hold that shift at our agency (too many guys want it!). Our agency has a swing shift, which we call second shift, from 2pm to 10pm, and two other special shifts, one from 10am to 6pm and one from 6pm to 2am. My husband has been considering going to either one of those next time around.....I would rather he work midnights (or of course days) than any of the others.
Good luck....and if it is horrible, at least you know another shift bid is coming your way soon!

mrs. fuzz said...

In order of my favorite shifts:

I hope that he never has to do the dreaded cover shift. It's something like 7 pm to 3 am I think.

Days are nice because he gets home in the early-ish afternoon. Swings are nice because he gets to sleep at home at night.

Graves are nice because he gets to be with us from 3 pm until 10 pm which is sorta nice.

Hmmm. can't wait to hear what you think

Texas Ghostrider said...

The best shift I have been on was 10a to 6p. We have all types of shifts. I am currently working 1p to 9p but as a Detective. If your Hubby is a proactive go getter Evening shift is the busiest by far.