Thursday, July 23, 2009


I know, two posts in one week, don't fall over. This is purely a selfish, "poll taking" post. I have used our toaster oven for anything and everything -- as both a toaster and an oven -- and it has finally completely died, after 5.5 years. I should probably investigate repairing it but I'm too lazy so now I'm looking for a new one.

Here's the one I'm salivating over

Unfortunately the cop has nixed the $225 price tag, even though this one cooks for you and wipes your nose. :(

Do you have a toaster oven? Would you recommend it (or not)? What's the make/model?


Leah said...

I have a cuisinart toaster oven that I use occassionally. I like it, it's easy to set and understand! Of course it doesn't have the digital display like the picture above. I'm also not sure of the model # since I don't keep track of instruction books. But it works very nicely.

KD said...

Thanks for the comment, Leah! I found a Cuisinart toaster oven at Costco that seems to be specifically manufactured (or, should I say packaged) for them. It looks like one of their $180 models for $100 at Costco. I think I'm going to go for that one ~ can bake a 12" pizza, toast, and with convection.... we'll see. :)

mrs. fuzz said...

I've always wanted one! I used to work at Williams Sonoma and couldn't believe the prices on their ovens. Maybe I'll end up getting one from Costco. That's usually where I get appliances to try out for the first time.

KD said...

Hi Mrs. Fuzz. Oh. My. Gosh. You used to work at W-S????? /swoon/ You're definitely my favorite blogger now. ha ha.

For the record, my mom recently bought "whatever one was on coupon" at Costco -- I think it was a kitchenaid -- and she does *not* like it. It was a little less than $100 (maybe $80?) so I'll take this Cuisinart, I hope. However, we just bought one of those wipe-your-nose computer printers so the toaster oven purchase may get delayed again... you know we gotta get our gun-related purchases in for the month! bah humbug. :)