Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You Racist!

With all the talk of "too much information" and the "powers that be" shutting down -- or suggesting the shutting down of -- police blogs (see MotorCop, for just one example), I'll be more or less cryptic about the details of an interesting call DH had on duty last night. So in the interest of helping my husband keep his job, let's just say this is how the call went down:

Boyfriend calls dispatch, his girlfriend has [some problem] as a result of [some surgery]. This was information that dispatch had to drag out of the boyfriend, because the only thing he said was "There is somebody here with [some problem]." Uh, ok...

DH rolls over there to find that this problem, which sounded rather minor (and can be rather minor -- if it's *not* the result of a surgery!) was actually a huge problem. DH asks the boyfriend what the surgery was, and the boyfriend equivocates, giving some other bogus story. No surgery. Uh, ok....

Remember, DH seems to recall that dispatch reported this problem was a result of a surgery. Weird. The paramedic unit arrives and starts their assessment. DH notices that on paper one of the medics has written down [name of surgery]. So DH asks the boyfriend again, "What was the surgery she had?" and the boyfriend again says "no surgery." Uh, ok...

The medics rush to transport the girlfriend (first time DH says he's seem them do this and not a longer in-field assessment -- must have been a big deal??) and allow the boyfriend to ride along (first time he's seen them allow a non-family member to ride along). End of story.

DH gets back to the station and checks with dispatch -- are you SURE that the boyfriend reported this problem as a result of a surgery? Yes... in fact, dispatch replays the tape for DH where the boyfried says this exact thing!

The only thing we can figure out? This was an interracial relationship, and the girlfriend was "purple," same race as DH. Maybe the boyfriend was afraid that DH would assume he made the girlfriend get the surgery? And DH would get on the boyfriend's case for inflicting this agony on one of his own purple people? Hence the lying??? Geez, people, even in your "hour of need" when you are not even breaking the law, you are STILL lying to the fuzz? Lord, help us!

If only the boyfriend knew that DH is married to a chic that's not the same race (yes, I'm orange, I admit it) -- and it just so happens that the boyfriend in the story is too! ka pow!

......in other news, my brother broke his tibia and fibula while returning from a sailing trip. According to Austin, "It's like the boat was a bone cutter chainsaw!" Yes, something like that. He had surgery today to insert four screws and he should be good to go in a month or two. Yuck.

......in additional medical family news, my mom is having her hip replaced tomorrow. I really should talk to those people about a reserved parking spot at the hospital. ha.


mrs. fuzz said...

Boyfriend sounds shady! Hopefully the girlfriend is okay. Why can't people just speak the truth. He put her life at risk by not giving all the information he had.

Leah Williams said...

As I am very new to the LEO world - and I like to blog about his adventures as well - but I have not been told about how private I need to be about this info! Now that I'm thinking about reading all of these LEO Wife blogs, everyone has code names! Agh!! Should I know something?! :)

KD said...

Hi Leah, Thanks for commenting! I've had your comment in mind the last few days and, while 2 AM is probably not the best time to write a coherent post about it, I do have some thoughts. I'll write more later.

Mrs. Fuzz, I/we didn't hear about the girlfriend. I'm guessing it was an "easy" fix at the hospital but who knows.