Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can I still talk about Thanksgiving?

I know I'm a little slow to get with the program, but what did YOU do for Thanksgiving? I'm always interested to hear from the families of first responders how they celebrate holidays -- and WHEN! :)

My husband had to work on Thursday, so we had Thanksgiving at the police station! I kid you not. I tried to get my man to have Thanksgiving "lunch" but he was not interested. hmpf. All the other officers on his shift that day did, but I guess with DH old habits die hard, i.e. Thanksgiving Dinner must be eaten for DINNER!?!? Well whatever. Anyhow... We had dressing, garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, prime rib, and roasted butternut squash. Oh my! We got the prime rib already seasoned from Costco and just stuck it in the oven with a thermometer in it and Man-oh-Man was it tasty! (There was a little bit more discussion than that, we had to agree on how to cook it which was a perfect storm for a marital spat of course.) I also made Paula Dean's Pumpkin Gooey Cake, which was of course DELISH and a wonderful replacement for Pumpkin Pie -- if you are like me and love the idea of the Pumpkin Pie but can't really stand to eat it! lol.

I sent the cake and all the necessary paper products ahead with the husband. I packed up the food in a bunch of plastic containers, packed up the kids, and we drove over to the station -- the kids insisting on their "fancy shoes" for Thanksgiving Dinner, of course!-- and had dinner with DH. It was very short but sweet. A few other officers and a dispatcher came and had a few samples.... mostly of the cake, though, since they had all eaten before shift.

What did you do and how did you -- or DID you? -- celebrate?


mrsofficer said...

My hub had to work too! booo I had all my family here at our home and luckily they let him off when charlie watch got in. So he was able to be here for dinner, but then had to leave for mandatory OT, MANDATORY???ugh but a true gift for him to be here, not sure what we are gonna do for xmas though,Sounds like u had a good one, most important is just being together. I bet those other cops were vultures on the cake,Paula is just the best

Meadowlark said...

NO. You CANNOT talk about Thanksgiving. We are moving on to the big Red holiday.


OK, briefly we had a plain old me, him and BabyGirl holiday. Very slow, very lazy and he was off Thursday thru Sunday. Gah, I love Detectives!!!!

KD said...

Ok, in your honor and yours ALONE Meadowlark I will move on to the big RED holiday.