Thursday, December 31, 2009

Knock Knock!

At our house Austin, our 5 year old has discovered the joy of jokes. Well, he's discovered the idea of jokes. He just doesn't get jokes. He was ruined by Ready, Set, Read, and Laugh by Cole and Calmenson. There are a few knock knock jokes in there, and once he learned those, he was off and ruining, er, I mean running, with the jokes. Thankfully my mom gifted him with a few additional age-appropriate joke books so we've been relieved of the two or three main good jokes he knows, and all the scads of terrible jokes he makes up. Anyway, I've got knock-knock on the brain. ;)

I think this is the longest stretch I've gone without posting since I started this blog. We've been on vacation for the holidays, and it's just been easier to go cold turkey from blog land. I've peeked and commented on a few blogs, but I'm hoping that in the next week or two I'll be back to full speed. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll just go hide in the bed with the covers over my head as I am thrown full speed into "regular life" again next week. Sigh.

Speaking of peeking at blogs, you should go check out Mrs. Fuzz's recent post about the changes in her lovely LEO husband. Like many of us feel about our spouses, she loves and adores her dude but there sure is a lot to deal with if you transition into LEO work with your fella from another life. Go check out her post and be encouraged that you aren't alone!


LOUD n PROUD said...

too cute that Austin!
vacation rather than blogging is much better!

The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

Enjoy ur vacation!! -Dispatcher

mrs. fuzz said...

Oh the knock knock jokes! After a while, I want to yell, "NO MORE KNOCK KNOCK JOKES!" even though they really are funny when they make them up and there's just a couple of years that they do it. My 6 year old still does not get it. Now she's doing this thing where she says, "Why did the chicken cross the road" or "why does a pizza have cheese" etc. Her answers are like, "because it's a pizza! Get it? Why does a pizza have cheese? BECAUSE IT'S A PIZZA!! HAHAHAHA!" In my head I'm thinking that's pretty much the lamest joke ever, but in her mind it's hilarious. And that's what makes me laugh.

I hope you are having a great vacay! Happy New Year! You'll have to share Austin's knock knock jokes. . .

KD said...

Mrs. Fuzz: For the record, my 5 and 3 year olds LOVED the pizza joke I stole from you and told them. Priceless!!