Thursday, January 21, 2010

drama, drama

This is the first week since mid-December that DH has been on his regular shift. And yesterday he was forced to come in early so it hasn't even been entirely normal! blech!

His department spent some time training around the holidays; I guess crime is down so they can do that? /wink/ Anyway. They did a bunch of stuff, but of course the interesting part for me was the cool scenarios they practiced. Let me just say, even *I* thought some of the choices some of his coworkers made in the scenarios were downright ridiculous. Makes me a little nervous to send my man off to the care (i.e. "cover") of those other officers. Now there is plenty of gossip going around about who did what and why this officer is disliked or a bad cop or whatever.

It all just brought to light for me the fact that as much as my DH claims to be careful and a "good" cop, a dumb choice by a fellow officer in a situation (whether my DH is the cover or the other officer is) can bring him home in a box instead of his vest. sigh.


Natalie said...

I hear ya. We had a VERY incompetent officer in the department that brought so much stress and frustration, but eventually she was deemed an unfit officer (and it didn't really help that she was sleeping with one of the sergeants) and it was all swept quietly under the rug after over a YEAR of incompetency. It still rattles my chains, but I've realized sometimes it's unavoidable and that's where prayers come to play for my officer's safety.

Good luck dealing with the dumb-dumbs!

KD said...

sheesh! Being deemed an unfit officer? I would LOVE it if the "Calamity Jane" officer at DH's dept would be deemed unfit. She allegedly sat by and watched another officer get in a fight with a suspect because she thought the suspect's civil rights were being violated. Um, excuse me?!?!?!?! My DH says he would WAY rather have NO cover than have her cover! gee. I agree.