Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I had a bunch of things I wanted to share with y'all but I'm kind of losing my mind right now so the list is shortened. whoops!

I do remember this fun item: we are part of a small co-op and last Thursday one of the families came and held a concert for us. They are mostly an "old tyme" band so that was super knee-slappin' fun (literally). :) They sang, played mandolin, guitar, upright bass, and fiddle. so fun! Today on the way to school, Charlotte kept asking me if they were going to have a music contest again today. I'm thinking "WHEN have we ever had a contest at school?!?!" We are all ~ including Austin ~ going around and around for a few minutes when finally I realized she meant concert. sigh.

Then, as we are arriving at school Charlotte starts up with the questions again: "What is our school card?" I tell her I don't exactly understand her question and she keeps repeating herself, over and over. She is getting mad at me and I'm getting mad at her.

"CHARLOTTE," I say, "I can hear you perfectly fine but I don't understand what card you are talking about!"

"Mom, I just want to know the name of our school!"

"Oh... What our school is called you mean?"


I can't even get the communication right with a 3 year old. How am I supposed to get it right with a crotchety old LEO husband?? :O Since I can't answer that one, I'm going out for drinks with a friend tonight. Probably just a hot chocolate, but it's nice to dream about drowning my sorrows in something a little stronger than that. ha! Talk about ignorant bliss.

So besides the communication errors, the computer is about to die, the check engine light is on in my car, and DH's car has been renamed Mr. Big Stink because it smells like a cat has crawled up inside and died. Oh, the baby's temperature is 103 degrees, and I walked him around the neighborhood for an hour this afternoon and he wouldn't nap. I'm going to my ignorantly blissful place with a girlfriend tonight!

Hope you have an "ignorantly blissful" day... but not too ignorant so as to require the services of a motor cop, a happy medic, or something much more serious! :)

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