Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tactical Corsets

If you read Slam Dunks' blog you've already heard about this. But if not, you'll have to go over and check out the Tactical Corset that allows women to have both practicality and beauty in one. My thing is ~ with the, um, neckline on that thing, there is no WAY I'm going anywhere near a gun ejecting hot casings!

I think I should label this "on duty" given it is tactical and all... but I think I'll have to add "silly stories" to that too. ha.


mrs. fuzz said...

I just about died when I saw this. People come up with the craziest stuff.

I just awarded you a happy award at my blog if you are up to it. :)

Cop Mama said...

Um, yeah...not thanks!!! Too funny!

Cop Mama said...

I meant "no thanks." That's what I get for trying to send a comment while watching half time of the Super Bowl!

Nicole said...

LOL, that just doesnt look comfy!

I'm laughing at your previous post. My husband works the late swing shift and I'm always at the functions with my 3 kids and I hear the same question. Where's your husband? I dont bother with excuses, I tell them he's at work. Even if he's not! Good luck with family time, it's a bi&%ch isn't it?!

KD said...

Nicole, it's these kinds of comments that make me love "my" police wives even more. :) Thanks for commenting!