Saturday, July 10, 2010

hi everybody

Whatcha up to, folks?  Just sort of floating here... Hence the lack of anything very truly interesting being posted here for a while.  If you follow me on twitter (@HandcuffedHeart) you know I'm bellyaching about the horrible news media.  I'm sure you can all relate.  This week husband worked a weird schedule, and I got sucked in to reading stuff online about the police which even *I* know is completely untrue, and I don't feel like all that much of an insider.  I got so riled up I literally slammed shut the laptop and vowed to stop reading.  The piles and piles of ineptitude displayed by the media, and the ignorance of the public that spews additional, well, ignorance.... it's just too much for me.  And it feels personal.  I think I take everything a little too personally (don't ask my husband, he will laugh hysterically that I actually admitted that).

/end rant

Ok, so other than the ranting, I'm just trying to keep us all safe and sane over the summer holiday.  Planning for school coming up, and planning my dream vacation where we find a house to buy and a job for DH all in two weeks or less.  HA!  Don't everyone laugh at once.  I'm just trying to prep myself in advance.

I'm really not "happy" about moving but I will suck it up and be cheerful about it, more or less.  When my almost-6-year-old son, cries about it, however, I will totally lose it.  This day is far off, I'm sure, as nothing in our family ever gets decided quickly or easily but I'm just preparing myself now.  I'm slow to embrace change.  Don't have to like that about myself, but at least I know it about myself.

What are you doing this summer to stay safe and keep sane?  Especially if you have little ones running around?  Share your super-smart ideas with me, please!!


Momma Hen said...

I hear ya on the whole media thing - I take it as a personal attack too. It's tough not to!
I wish I had some super-smart safe ideas; right now we spend most of our time running around the back yard!

thatladybug said...

I came to the conclusion the media is not a friend to LE, in the last few years I've been a supporter. I have finally learned never to believe what I read in the paper or see on the news. I get angry at their bias too.