Friday, July 2, 2010

Who's hiring?

I've finally caved. 

I'm willing to move.

I have not wanted to do the moving thing.  I'm happy here.  I have friends here.  I have history.  I know the checkers at my grocery store.  I know all the streets in the town.  I've lived here for about half of my life (and as I'm not a fresh 20-something that's sayin' something).

But I don't like our living situation, and, well... it's complicated.  The husband is unhappy.  I'm thinking long term this doesn't need to be the place for us.

I'm weary.

So, folks... Who's hiring?  I heard recently about a department that advertised for a few weeks for a few openings and received over 1,000 applications.  DH's department recently hired a few 20+ year veterans from other departments who had been laid off.  He also tells me there are two or three ride alongs from other agencies every day this week who have (or will be) laid off and are looking for a job.  This is not the time to be looking for a job.

The obvious thing is for him to stick in law enforcement, although he has skills in many other areas.  Staying in law enforcement could be tricky if we cross state lines and he needs to go to a sort of "make up" academy.  However, both of us are going to start looking for work and see if anything comes up for one of us first.  I'd like to look at states on the west coast or states like Idaho, Wyoming, Montana.  Other states which don't seem too palatable but might be OK are Alaska, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nevada.  Don't ask me why, that's just how it is in my world right now.

So if you have any good suggestions or leads, please leave them in comments.  Feel free to leave them anonymously if you are concerned about your identity and location being out in the cyberworld.  Or email me!

Thanks, friends!   


Anonymous said...

We are in the Dallas area in Texas, and there are so many cities around here hiring. Most places pay for the academy they require as well as while they are there, and since there are so many agencies hiring, the the people applying are spread out. Plus, the cost of living is very nice! :) It's worth looking into at least!

Pam Landy said...

JB's department is hiring, but it's in California... not a state on your list. Check out for LEO jobs if you can bring yourself to consider living in our fine, bankrupt state. The weather's great! :) And GOOD LUCK.

Momma Hen said...

There are a few agencies hiring around here (not the county and state patrol). W. Wa isn't on your list but it's pretty great here. You can go to and find agencies who are hiring in Wa, Or and Id and what their requirements are. Good luck!

KD said...

Thanks for the suggestions!!

To clarify, when I said "West Coast" I meant to include the three states on the ocean ~ so Washington, California and Oregon are all included in addition to the ones I mentioned. Thanks!! I've been looking at PST, Momma Hen, but I haven't checked out CalOpps yet Pam. Thanks!

stacey29lincoln said...

It can be tough to step out in faith, but it can also be exciting! May God lead you to just the right place!

So glad you stopped by the MODsquad blog today! We hope you will be encouraged by it in the days ahead!