Saturday, September 26, 2009

Anyone notice.... "Thankful Thursday" really doesn't work for me?!?! I haven't posted ONCE on a thursday about my thankfulness. :( boohiss. I'm contemplating changing it to another day which will totally NOT have a nice ring to it or keeping it Thankful Thursday and posting whenever the heck I feel like it so that.... um... so that I can be thankful for the freedom and flexibility I've given myself (which is usually nonexistent). We'll see.

I feel like The Man at DH's dept is really socking it to the pee-ons. I'm not exactly sure how you spell "pee-on" but for today, spelling it this way makes sense. As in, The Man is peeing on all the people below Him, making them pee-ons. Ok, ok, I digress. Who is The Man you ask? I'm not really sure. It seems like it is always someone different. Or it's a conspiracy. Who knows. It's everyone who has drunk the departmental kool-aid and is going with the flow to screw over everyone -- although of course in truth I hear the most about how it's happening to DH and the other officers.

This has been making home life miserable for me. What other things can I complain about? The list is long. I kind of feel like, having read several other police wife blogs lately, that I don't even need to enumerate the ways I could complain because you all already know. :) So instead I will go with my....

THANKFUL THURSDAY topic. I am thankful that:
  • My children are now 5, 3, and 4.5 months.
  • I watched video of my two olders from about 15 months ago. Dallas didn't exist..... Charlotte was wearing diapers, Austin had a squeaky voice (not that it's dropped all that low or anything!), and I was so kind to them. (It must have been that I knew I was being taped for all eternity.) All three of these things seemed so significant!! I almost cried. Life was so different then. No matter how much I hate a lot about my life at this exact moment, looking at that video was precious, precious, precious. It reminded me that we all start out like this and we are ruined in one way or another. NO, I do not think we are innately good. Have a baby who cries for no stinking reason (I have one of those!!) and you will know this is not true. I have not taught either Austin or Charlotte to be selfish, mean, and rude, and yet somehow this comes out of their little selves. Every one of those criminals DH deals with started out like this. Precious, sweet, trusting... and pretty quickly or somewhere along the line or who knows when, something went horribly wrong for them and their lives. Each one of them has a mom, dad, brother, sister, or someone out there that holds some memory of their precious sweetness. I can think of a perfect, publicized example but I can't bring myself to mention it. Anyway! In watching this one, three minute video I am grateful for the reminder of the innocence of my children and the renewed desire to protect that in them and not be the reason for it's demise.
  • Bible study has started back up again. We are studying the book of Genesis and right from the beginning I am getting walloped with marriage, the meaning of life, and all sorts of things that I have wanted to go my own way on recently. Thankful for the compass to be renewed and set on course.
  • And to finish on a lighter note... I'm thankful that DH's football team won today (but not mine!!)
That's all for now. Time for resting my weariness!


copswife said...

You made me curious, I would have bet on pee-ons, as in they get peed on by those above, like you said. But I looked it up and it actually has nothing to do with pee! It actually comes from: Medieval Latin pedon-, pedo foot soldier, from Latin ped-, pes foot.


Anyway, I like the idea of thankful thursdays but have never done it because of the pressure. I say, post what you want when you want!

mrsofficer said...

watching old video of my babies make me sad too, I miss them at every age and enjoy them at their current age, make anysense???lol so true though how a sweet baby can grow up to be something our hubby's have to deal with...

mrs. fuzz said...

I know exactly what you mean about the babies. I was just telling HF last night that this growing older and bigger business has to stop. But seeing the pics and videos as babies is somewhat bittersweet. But I am grateful when they are more independent!!

KD said...

Thanks for the peon link, CW. In the back of my weary mind that was what I thought but what *I* came up with sure sounded good in the still of the night. ;) I'm teaching Latin to a group of 2nd graders right now and I am loving how things like this pop up -- a vocab word this week was "Pugno" (I fight) and we talked about having them use the word pugnacious at home to impress their parents. I'm anxious to see if any of them did it! ;)

I'm glad I am not along in the bittersweet-ness of the growing older. Mrs. Fuzz, I'm TOTALLY with you -- I love the independence that is emerging too!