Friday, September 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday (on Friday)

This week I am thankful that...
  • husband has a job
  • I have a mini vacation at hand
  • my friend took all three kids to the park so I could tackle my massive to-do list
  • we had burgers for dinner and I went "AB" on mine -- "absolutely bare" just like the good old days
  • my brother got his cast off (after 10 weeks or some such unthinkable length of time!)
  • the weather thinks it's still summer here
  • the fan didn't break when I knocked it over -- twice
That should be good for now. :) How about you?


Meadowlark said...

I am thankful that
• Husband has seniority and is the only computer forensics detective.
• I am healthy
• Husband and I are in a "happy phase" in our 24 year marriage.
• Blogging exists, or I'd be terribly lonely being unemployed.

Wifey said...

I am thankful that...
- I have a job that is extremely rewarding (and so fun!)
- Darling hubby is all mine tonight
- Our puppies are so hilarious... the comedy is constant
- Bento boxes were invented (thanks Fuzz family for the introduction)
- There are some police jobs opening up for DH to apply to

Natalie said...

I am thankful that:
-I have my health
-my children are so adorable and healthy (keeps me fit keeping up with them!)
-I'm able to have girl's night outs
-police wife blogs exist. I've found MANY kindred spirits!
-communication in on the upswing with hubs, and we're able to resume our courtship

The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

I'm thankful for...

-we both have a job
-are both healthy
-still feel like were newleyweds
-that I know God! Cause time's are tough.. I couldn't imagine not knowing Him.
-That blogs exist.. I would go stir crazy..I wonder how many marriages these blogs have saved in LEO world.