Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thankful "Thursday"

Many Thankful Thursdays have come and gone since I declared I would start the tradition. No time like the present. The good thing about that declaration is that I've been consciously looking for things I could be thankful for throughout the week. Some of the good stuff in recent memory includes:
  • insight/wisdom into my husband's addled brain: after a 48 hour period where he had maybe 5 hours of sleep, we were at the grocery store and he was acting like a zombie. NO JOKE! Instead of getting irritated I realized what was going on and took charge. ah. much better.
  • husband cooking lots of good food for some great friends at our place. Fun, yummy times.
  • friends who take my kids places and leave me in peace for a bit
  • a new school year
  • kindergarten!!
  • husband *has* a job (no matter how crappy it might seem at times ~ for him AND me!)
  • I'm in love with Dallas. He steals my heart every day at some point even when I'm not-so-happy with him.


copswife said...

Awesome. Focusing on the positive is so helpful!!

LOUDnPROUD said...

love the positive!going to steal your idea and come up with a day of my own to post.thanks for sharing!
by the way i added u to my blog list!