Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm thinking the novelty has worn off now...

...and I'm actually ambivalent about DH working swing shift.

The kids (well, the ones that can talk anyway) seem to think DH has a second job now, since he goes to work so early in the day. Then, around 9 AM they ask why he hasn't come home from work yet. (On graves he would come home during breakfast.) They are so surprised when I tell them he is sleeping. They are corn-fused!

So, I don't love it. I don't hate it. It works out "ok." One thing that is a bummer is that sometimes I'd be able to run to the store after kiddie bedtime and before DH took off for work. Well THAT ain't happenin' with DH on swings!

One funny item... We live near the station so there's a little carpool that will occasionally swing by to pick him up on the way in to work. The other night the driver got held over so DH walked home and offered to drive home anyone in the carpool (who are definitely NOT within walking distance!) in case the driver got held over too long. Well the crack in that perfectly planned idea was that DH had forgotten his keys at home so was not only locked out of the car, but also locked out of the house. I woke up about 40 minutes after DH was supposed to be home (that's right, Dallas is still not catching on to the sleep-all-night thing) and wondered if I should call and check in with him. I would never have called so soon after any other shift, but for some reason I thought about it.... and decided not to.

I puttered around a bit, feeding the baby and getting a drink of water when lo-and-behold the phone rings. DH had heard the baby crying from the street and was calling to ask if I would let him in the house. I should have said NO but I said yes. :) Aren't I the doting wife?

Happy Halloween to you crazy people and stay safe!


copswife said...

And I think I have problems with getting used to differnt shifts. I have no kids!

mrsofficer said...

left you an award on my page! hope you pick it up