Friday, October 23, 2009

I just sit around and eat bonbons all day...

In addition to sitting around and eating bonbons all day (yes I've trained the three kidlets to care for themselves, and the baby even changes his own diaper!), I surf the web.

Tonight I was on Cafe Press. I typed in "police" in the search box, and here for your reading pleasure are some of my favorite slogans, in no particular order:

  • BDRT: Baby Daddy Removal Team
  • It Became My Problem When You Called 911
  • God Made Police Officers so Firemen Would Have Heroes (I'm not commenting, just saying I think it's funny, 'k?)
  • crooks+drunks+dummies+dumbasses=job security (ha ha ha)
For the younger set:
  • resisting a rest ** THIS ONE would have been purchased in two seconds if I had found it a few months ago -- Dallas was NOT SLEEPING for those of you who recall my complaining.
Ok, well, that's enough of that entertainment. I'm happy to report, that if you have been around long enough, you know I've been longing for a new toaster oven. I'm sad to report that no, I did not get the one I'd been salivating over (with the $225 price tag) but I did get the next best thing (I hope) at Costco today ~ their Cuisinart Toaster/Convection Oven is on coupon right now... at $80 I couldn't pass it up! I'm so excited!!

And THAT, people, is this week's THANKFUL THURSDAY (on Friday).... Thankful for humor and thankful for my new toaster oven! :) Have a great weekend.


Commchick said...

I have got to share a couple of those with my officers on night shift, they will love them. Have a good weekend.

KD said...

Glad they gave you a chuckle ~ they sure did for me. :)

mrsofficer said...

COSTCO is the store I tell you!I got my cuisinart food processor there and I love it!Plus if it doesn't work the way you want they have a fantastic return policy...hope it does the job :)

911 and the Randomness.. said...

those are awesome! I'm glad you got the next best thing and a deal on it too!

LOUDnPROUD♥MĂ“KneeKah said...

Those are great,saving is always a good thing!
Have a great weekend!

KD said...

Just to update y'all... The new toaster oven is over 3 inches deeper than the old one, and the custom built shelf we had for the old one just wasn't going to fit it.... so, I have rearranged a good portion of the kitchen to fit this monstrosity and have yet to actually use it!! How sad is that?!?! :O

copswife said...

My fav is: BDRT: Baby Daddy Removal Team


Natalie said...

I LOVE the firefighter shirt! They never get anything negative said about them (which is completely opposite for our boys in blue that deal with MUCH more) and it's true. They just WISH they were LEOs!

Good luck with the toaster oven. You'll have to share some creations you've made in it!

mrs. fuzz said...

ha ha ha. I love the resisting a rest shirt. That would work for any of my kids. They never just rest for a minute!

By the way I don't think I ever emailed you back a thanks for sending me a link to the kids craft thingie. Whenever you find something please share. Maybe I'll do the same when I find something. Even though i'm not homeschooling right now, I'm always searching or surfing for stuff like that online.

Hope everything is well with you. I miss your updates, but I know how it is with 3 kids. :)

I am thankful for your thoughts and your sense of humor. :)

KD said...

Thanks Mrs. Fuzz! When I saw that craft online I immediately thought of you because you are always sharing stuff like that with us via your blog. :) "We" are all sick right now (except me) and I have been getting encouragement from your post about the man cold. LOL. I'm taking as many supplements and vitamins I can think of (safely) taking to stave off the germs!! yuck!