Friday, May 7, 2010

Somebody's turning one!

Today is Friday, and usually the kids (older ones) have gymnastics but the gym is under construction!  boohiss!

So instead I'll be burying my head in the sand over all the things I should be doing and going to get some retail therapy in.  We'll hit Costco (for the second time this week) for printer ink and photos for the birthday party.  I'll hit at least one "party" store to check for zoo animal themed plates and all that fun stuff.  I have a second one in mind, too, (some sort of $1 Store) in case the first doesn't have quite what I want.  My mom found some great ones online but the frugal shopper in me wants to check around town first to see if I can find something cheaper and still cute.  Maybe we'll also hit Target with my collection of coupons.  And if we can get everyone to nap early enough maybe we'll also hit the zoo or another museum in town later in the afternoon.

This month is HUGELY busy for us.  The end of school with a big open house, family from all over coming into town, the Big Birthday Party, and craziness at DH's work (translate: hellacious overtime)... If you've read back over my previous posts (from a year ago!) you know that our baby has not been the easiest baby ever.  He is delightfully hilarious now (although still quirky) but friends!!!!  I am buying champagne and toasting all my friends and family at the big party for enduring the first year with me.

Now if I could just kick the weepiness out the window...

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