Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sorry, folks, I'm just not done talking about my weepiness.  I'll get over it eventually, I'm sure, but for now I'm still chugging along.

Last week (as you know if you read my previous post) had a big hitter on the end of it.  But before that happened, I was really hit over the head with a giant realization that I try to control all sorts of things that really are NOT for me to control.  I order around my children, I take care of all sorts of things, and as police wives (or any kind of married single mom!) we are "in charge" more than we are not.  I spoke with a mom of eight kids (ranging in age from two to 24 years old) last weekend whose husband is no longer working as a cop.  She said one of the big transitions for them has been that she is so used to "doing it all alone" that now with her husband home, they run into issues where he wants to participate in life but she excludes him without thinking about it.

Wonder if that day will ever come at our house!

In the "big excitement" category, I got in touch with DH while he was on duty recently and asked him if he needed anything at Costco since I was there.  He flipped out saying "There was just a high-speed chase over there! You should be glad you weren't in the middle of it!"

At least I know to pull to the right and yield to emergency vehicles if I had been!


Story Lady said...

I'm so glad I found you!
My husband is a cop, and it is so nice to connect with other women who understand what it is like!

I sent you a twitter request. My name is storyladyblog.

KD said...

Hi, and welcome!! You should also visit my friend Mrs. Fuzz over at if you haven't yet. She has become keeper of all things "police wife-y." :)

I'll look for you on twitter.