Friday, October 1, 2010

so sick of swings

I was just congratulating myself about how "we've" been on swing shift for about a year now, and I've got the hang of it.  We have a rhythm going and it's.... working?  Well, we are limping along.

Today, I changed my mind.  I'm sick of swings.

I was up early today.  We were out the door early (me and three kids) where I took the kids to the doctor and, surprise!, all three got poked and prodded. Yes, we're an immunizing family.  Then off to classes.  Then home.  Nap.  Dinner.  Teeth brushing.  (This is my least favorite time of the day -- which happens at least twice every day.)  PJs.  Bed. Today, dinner was easy.  I had a sweet friend spring for fancy-schmancy pizza.  Right around bedtime, the Husband called and it was the first time I talked to him all day.

I'm going to take a minute out of my story here to mention that my husband has the superb knack of ONLY ever calling me from work when I'm supremely busy and going out of my mind trying to do something -- like cook dinner or get all the kids in bed.  And I feel compelled to chat with him for a few minutes since I usually have no idea when I'll get to talk to him again on shift.  I hate that!  Why does he have that sixth sense that complicates my life!

But back to the story.

So, husband's on the phone, and he wants to know about the visit to the pediatrician.  My six-year-old proudly got on the phone to report there was no crying for him.  My daughter got on the phone to tell her dad she cried from the time we got out of the car until we got back in it 90 minutes later.  I got on the phone to hear how angry he was that our kids got poked with needles.  Are you freaking kidding me?  Don't kill the messenger, or don't allow your kids to be vaccinated.  For a tough guy, he sure has a tender heart when it comes to our kids.  And DON'T call me at bedtime.  oh.... my life.


Steadfast Ahoy! said...

I am looking for something encouraging to offer here.... Will the shifts change sometime soon? They can't keep a person in pergatory forever can they???? Hope you have good holiday times planned for Christmas and Thanksgivig. You guys deserve it.

BunnyO said...

Good Christ I could have written that excerpt about the impecable timing of the hubs' daily phone call. I go through the same exact thing.. he calls when I absolutely can't even hear myself think. He also calls right when the kids have gone to sleep, the lights are all off and I'm finally sitting down to veg. No offense, but whatever you're going to tell me, tell me when you get HOME. :) Feel your pain!!

Commchick said...

Unfortunately, I have the innate ability to call my LEO boyfriend whenever he has just gone to sleep. Of course, he always laughs about it, but I feel bad because he has a hard enough time getting to sleep without me calling and waking him up. I have learned to let him call me, unless it is an emergency, and that makes me feel better. God bless and keep you and your family.