Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I'd been thinking recently about all the lingo that is new and different in the police life. Our speech has changed a bit. A while back I saw a post someone did explaining some of the lingo. Well, I've forgotten who that was (let me know and I will link up if that was you!) but I thought I'd put my own list, because there are some that are just too weird.

1. Placing everything you need in a suitcase or bag, ready to go
2. Placing the only thing you need ~ your weapon ~ in your holster of choice, typically concealed

1. The act of making something warmer
2. Your weapon

1. The number on the bill I get out of the ATM to pay for stuff
2. Your location

1. Music: from Italian sostenere, to be performed in a smooth sustained manner (I come from a hugely musical family so this is a serious problem for me!!)
2. short for "suspicious"; That guy breaking into the car is sus.

1. Short for perpetual
2. Short for perpetrator

1. The new reader books my kids like to read: Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers
2. Short for Bail Out Bag, which will quite possibly never be used but must be stocked with the very best equipment ever

1. Saturday and Sunday
2. Whatever days you aren't working

1. The day that comes before Saturday and after Thursday
2. The day that comes before whatever days you aren't working

1. The day that comes after Sunday and before Tuesday
2. The first day you work after your weekend

What are your favorites?


mrs. fuzz said...

I LOVE this post! And btw I thought I emailed you back after you sent me the pic of the new baby (who is not new anymore!) I will email you today...

Jen Broadwater said...

my husband texts "I'm 17" which means he's on his way home off duty.

my son read his text and said, "dad's not 17 he's 43.

I read his text and though that meant he was 17 minutes from home.

Handcuffed Heart said...

Jen, I love that! I can't think of anything that has confused my kids like that, but I know OTHER people get confused when we are out and about and they see my kids get all giddy over daddy going to jail! ha.