Monday, April 20, 2009

Academy Advice

Certain nights of the week are slower than other for DH. This last week on one of their slow nights, the officers got to trading academy stories. DH shared a few of the star stories with me, and I realized one of them might come in handy as advice for those of you with significant others in academy.

I believe most academies at some point pepper spray you and make you do all sorts of stuff to make you wish you'd never signed on to be a cop. But there you are, running yourself ragged (to simulate chasing a suspect) and getting pepper sprayed in the face (to simulate spraying yourself after you are so disoriented you miss your suspect). Then you are desperately trying to wash the pepper spray off, or do anything to get any kind of relief from the burning, crazy pepper feeling. Just remember ~ water travels and along with it travels the pepper spray!!

Based on someone's first hand knowledge shared on this "academy stories" night, I recommend that as the partner of someone who is pepper sprayed, you take a few days to resist being intimate with said partner. Your, um, "parts" will thank you.

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mrs. fuzz said...

haha. this is hilarious. I have a pepper spray story I'll have to post on my blog. I'll link it to this story. this is good information to know!!