Sunday, April 19, 2009

Please forgive me...

... I must have been really grouchy yesterday!

Last night as I ruminated over yesterday's post here, there were some convicting things that came up for me. Thankfully, hubs and I had the opportunity to hang out together for a while after the kids went to bed. It was definitely needed. We were together and I could have easily brought up the junk that was weighing on my mind from yesterday's post, but I didn't. I will be the first to admit that I avoid conflict like the plague, but somehow last night I just knew that bringing up all that junk was not the right time or place.

Instead, I chose to be grateful.

As we were talking, I thanked hubs for recording one of my favorite shows this week, which he did without being asked or reminded. I didn't even remember to record it, and when I got home halfway through the show, I got to watch it in it's entirety because he'd recorded it! IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS, PEOPLE. I felt so loved!

At one point I also thanked him for doing all the dishes one night (a rare occurrence). I was even more impressed that he washed them ALL. When it comes to these domestic things, he has typical male tunnel vision: if it's not in the sink, I don't wash it. (I have no idea how this tunnel vision does not seem to invade his cop-ly duties!) Well... we live in a small apartment with an equally small kitchen so when you have to do dishes they are all over the place! Hubs got every last dish except for one spoon. Go, hubs! I mentioned how much I appreciated him washing the dishes, but even more so now that I cannot really lean over the sink with my belly; I have to turn sideways to reach the water and wash so it's super uncomfortable. Of course he was clueless about this. Hello?!?! Are you kidding me?? That alone made me realize that when I'm stewing about something SO TOTALLY OBVIOUS he probably is SO TOTALLY CLUELESS.

I should cut him some slack.

(But he should still wash his own dishes.)

So today, I'm grateful that in the past week my husband washed the dishes, recorded a favorite show, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the kitchen floors, and cooked dinner one night. Oh, and he let me buy a fun piece of jewelry, too, even as he was grumbling out the side of his mouth about how pointless jewelry all is.


mrs. fuzz said...

I'm so glad you emailed me!

Okay. I just read all your posts and I was going, "That's me. That's me. That's totally me." with each one. I think marriage is super hard when there are little kids especially, and we have 3 now 6 and under. When you are pregnant, everything is more heightened. I have things I need to get done and like you said, the male tunnel vision. . . we have a 3 story townhouse and our laundry room is in the basement and here I was 36 weeks pregnant like you are, and I'm carrying loads and loads of laundry up and down 3 flights of stairs because he said he would do it and he wouldn't for some reason unknown to the female species. And just like you I am not a nagger so i did it myself, but I'm thinking the whole time, "what if I put on that ridiculous outfit that Blossom wore at the beginning of her show in the opening. The top hat, the fishnets, the tuxedo, and heels and did a tap dance. Would he notice me then? Geez! (if you didn't watch Blossom then you'll think that's weird) But at the same time I am madly in love and appreciate all he does, etc., but I would love more attention and recognition, but i know that he's not thinking there is anything lacking. Everything's fine and dandy for him. Frustrating!

Anyway, your blog is just like what I have in mind for mine pretty much. It's been so helpful to find other wives and cops. I'll be curious to know how life is when you go from 2 to 3 kids. It was rough for me, but just fine now.

mrs. fuzz said...

oh, and do you mind if I add you to my police wives links?

kd said...

You are cracking me up Mrs Fuzz. :) Thanks so much for your big comment!! And yes, feel free to add me to your police wives links.