Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reflections on my contributions

I think it's great to understand what a contribution I am making to the blog world.  I love it that people can use google and find my blog useful for things like:

This was simply for my post about tactical corsets, nothing exciting here. Move along, folks.

diapers paralyzed
None of my three children have been paralyzed by the wearing of diapers yet.  

handcuffed and loving it
I'm definitely handcuffed to my lawman and we've thrown away the key.  I would not say I'm always "loving it" but it does have it's good moments.  :) You can also read this to find out what you should know about using handcuffs.

happy easter capitalized
Well, if you wanted it capitalized you probably should have typed it in the search box that way.

someone's novelty worn off, what does it mean?
Ok, I'm just speechless on this one folks.


5ohWifey said...

these are hilarious! how did you find them?

mrs. fuzz said...

I have some interesting ones too! I'll have to post mine sometime. Ha! Especially the last one.