Friday, April 23, 2010

THAT was anticlimactic!

Guess what?  This is my 101st post.  I thought I was supposed to have a cocktail party or big celebration when I hit 100 posts!  Well, it's come and gone.  Just thought I'd announce that.

There has been a spate of reality wedding shows on TV lately.  I'm guessing it's because the spring/summer wedding rush is coming up.  So I'm taking a poll.  Most of you are married or considering gettin' hitched, so you tell me ~ how much did you spend on "The Dress" for your wedding?

I paid around $500 I think.  I CANNOT believe I paid that much money!  I'm embarrassed to even say it.  If I had more than nine weeks to shop I'm sure I could have done better.  One of my favorite pastimes is getting a great deal.  I would not spend $3,300 or even $14,000, but am I a weirdo?  How much did (or would) you spend on your dress?

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