Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Anyone else getting a little overwhelmed with the posts about spring cleaning and decluttering and feeling so great about your beautiful space in which you live?  ugh!  One or two of the posts would be great, and motivational, but I've about had it.

I think spring cleaning and decluttering are awesome.  Admirable.  Wonderful ways to simplify your life.  But in the midst of an already overwhelmed life, a tiny apartment, five people to care for, and nowhere to put the stuff I'm spring cleaning, this is absolutely making me crazy.

But I am tired of it, you know?  I'm tired of the clutter.  I'm tired of feeling like my day is ruined from the moment I wake up because there is so much crap everywhere.  I hate crap.  I also hate all the stuff that is weighing me down.  So, I decided to do something about it.  Tonight, as I was making breakfast for dinner and the spatula started falling off the counter because there was NO PLACE TO PUT IT, I "spring cleaned" one of the kitchen counters.  You can do what I did in five minutes, just like me!  :)  My one kitchen counter started out like this:

See, there's that pesky spatula I was using to flip the pancakes for dinner.  Between flips, it quickly came to look like this:

And you can do it too.  It's easy.  Just do this:

I put away a few things as I went along but mostly it all got tossed into the bag.  I'm going to quickly -- QUICKLY -- go through it and bless someone else with it, toss it, or hmm.... keep it?  That sounds totally unappealing.  :O

So what's your secret spring cleaning weapon??


Rebecca said...

I hate spring cleaning so much that I try to avoid it as long as possible. First, B/C of my allergies get so bad. I get so foggy in my head trying to find new homes for things and not remembering where I put them. Darn pollen! Second, it means I have to come to the realization that I'm saving things unnecessarily. Pack Rat, no not really ~ more of a junk rat. I don't hoard but it's always "some day' I'll use 'blank'. Off to the goodwill "it' usually goes. Since the new year I've been trying to clean up after myself (and others) along the way. I hope it will make a difference in six month's time.
Cheers to your new cleaned corners and counters! Ac, ach, achhooooo!

KD said...

You are so funny. I think my method of spring cleaning would work well for your allergies! Just toss it all in a bag, and you are done with any potential allergens...... :)

mrs. fuzz said...

I'm going to place bets that everything's back on there by midweek this week. KIDDING! Good job! And good luck finding a new home for it all. :) I do my throwing away and giving away in secret so I don't get busted by anyone.

KD said...

You sure know how to encourage a girl, dontcha mrs. fuzz?!?! Actually, I've used it exclusively for cooking so far. I have two "buckets" back up there right now. One for writing implements and scissors, the other is for notepads, glue, markers, and stamps. I realized that if I label the little buckets I have less leeway to think "oh this could just get shoved in here."

In all truth, you're right. :( We'll see how long it actually lasts!