Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

So happy to report that we're not divorced yet!

There was a major "Discussion" yesterday and DH went off to work red in the face and steam coming out his ears. (You know when the word "Discussion" is capitalized AND put in quotes that at least one person in said "Discussion" is going to leave with the whole red face/steaming ears bit. But I digress!) I hate it when he goes off like that, especially to work ('cuz as we all know, what if he comes home in a box instead?!?!) but it was somewhat unavoidable yesterday. I did the best I could to put a patch on it, and worried prayed worried prayed stayed up all night long (also known as 1 AM to this early-night momma). When I finally came to my sense around 4:30 AM he was home safe and sound, without any steam or redness. I asked him "So do you forgive me for forgetting to do that thing you told me to do last week?" There was a bit of discussion, but that was that. So thankful. My tiny misdeed (and really, it was tiny but had far reaching complications), although really really annoying and frustrating to DH (and he was half an hour late to work because of it), provided some great water cooler report writing room fodder and many laughs and giggles for his fellow officers. Glad to be of service, folks.

Now on to the excitement. Happy Easter, one and all. If you celebrate the original meaning behind the whole shebang, He is risen! If not, go eat a chocolate bunny for me. Best of all, as Dispatcher says over at The Dispatcher and The Officer, hug your family and love on them!


Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Being not divorced is good. Husbands and wives hate when that happens, and the rest of the family hates it too. Hang in there. Better yet, work on it. I hear that divorce is a higher than average occurance for those of the police persuasion. (I know that is spelled correctly, because I looked it up.) Women live to be loved. Husbands love to be respected. It works.

He Is Risen. He Is Risen Indeed.

Happy Easter, even if he is working this weekend.

The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

I said hug your Officer because that day I came home after burring another one of our Officers. I just couldn't take it one more day. On my lunch I walked out side and down the road (to get out of the chaos inside the center from the funeral) and right into a barricade of 100's of cars lined up 3-4 rows deep of pd and fire vehicles. My heart just couldn't take the fact that in an instant I could lose the love of my life and I just had to stop and love all over him! Nothing else matter's! NOTHING! We both held it together long enough till we got in the door. I don't tell him how scared I am... I don't want him to worry.. but I realized early on.. I love him so much that I will do anything for him! I'm not perfect at all.. but I would be broken without him!
I wrote you on our prayer board honey!

KD said...

Dispatcher ~ I know I was paraphrasing from your post but it did really hit me in the "right" spot when I read it.

Steadfast ~ You are right, it is not good to be divorced and never a serious option in my mind but sometimes in frustration I "go there" and it "feels" like an appealing option in the middle of the nastiness. Thanks for visiting!

Cop Mama said...

Sorry for your struggles. Hang in there, it always gets better, my friend.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

KD Paraphrase all you want hon.. I hope I didn't upset you by posting what I did. It was not meant as mean or rude in anyway. -Dispatcher