Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So that's how it feels?

This past week we went to TWO separate events as a whole, entire family. DH dragged himself out of bed three hours earlier than normal to hang out with us and some long time friends. I honestly did not think it was going to happen. I hoped he would come, but I had really resigned myself to not caring. Then he came (half an hour late), but was there nonetheless. Maybe because I had no expectations, it actually worked out and I enjoyed it??

The other event was a family event, which usually he shows up at physically but is mentally checked out or sleeping off his most recent shift at work. He actually got it together to be "present" this time around. At this second event, I actually thought to myself "So this is what it feels like!"

But not for long. I'll be heading out to a big party this weekend with the kids while DH is at work. Such is the single life of the LEO wife...


MONICA-LnP said...

I feel ya,I dont know whats worse having little kids and going to functions without the dh or now that the kids are older and them not wanting to really hang with me, so I go it alone,which sometimes is good cause a break by myself is great but it never is something you get used to!Glad you had a good time at both.

Cop Mama said...

Hang in there. Hopefully, some day, he will be able to work another shift???