Friday, March 5, 2010

Five Question Friday

I found this on CopMama's blog and I wanted to share with you all. Five Question Friday comes from Mama M. at My Little Life.

1. What's your guilty pleasure?

A long, hot MORNING shower. How sad is that? Seriously, it's about the only non-fattening, non-life-threatening thing I do very simply ONLY for myself. I don't get these so much any more as a mom with three kids but when I can, I savor them to the max!

2. What is your favorite TV series?

For a while it has been Grey's Anatomy, but if Southland sticks around it will be a big competition! My guilty pleasure TV series (can I make this up?) are all the "Real Housewife" series on Bravo (except for Atlanta, that one didn't really float my boat). They are like train wrecks -- you know you should stop watching but you just can't make yourself. I was in TV heaven last night with new episodes of Grey's, Real Housewives of Orange Co AND New York!

3. Can you speak any foreign languages?

Yes, I am fluent in Spanish and know a few things in other languages that make me dangerous but not helpful.

4. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

How many pairs I own, or wear, or actually fit?!?! My feet have changed quite a bit over the course of having three kids. I'm only willing to give my shoes away to people who will enjoy them. For some reason the Good Will is a-ok for cast off clothes and household items, but those precious shoes will not do over there. I think it feels like another link to my "previous" life without kids. I had lots of nice, cute shoes but now... not so much. So basically I have way more shoes than my husband would like hanging around.

5. What's your favorite kind of M&M's...peanut, almond, straight up regular, etc.?

Back in the day, your only choices were peanut, regular, and I think around Easter (or was it Christmas?) there was the mint option. I was a plain only girl. Sometimes I'd go for the mint ones, but no peanut, no way, no how. In 8th grade they came out with peanut butter and those were great. Now my taste buds have matured and it all depends on my mood whether I head for plain or (gasp) peanut. :)


Sammy said...

I watch the Real Housewives too, so much drama but I can't bring myself to change the channel. Always makes me thankful for the sanity in my life. :)

Bridgette said...

Grey's is so good! My husband even gets into it. Enjoyed your 5QF!

Krajcimama said...

Thanks for stopping by - I think Latin in Elementary School would be AWESOME!! Then maybe Spanish in High School - plus, if things worked the way they are suppose to, it would make Spanish EASIER!!! :)

My guilty pleasure TV show (cause I have one, too!) is Tough Love on VH1...ever seen it?

KD said...

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting and commenting. :)

I have not seen Tough Love. For some reason I have a personal policy against VH1 and MTV. Not that I could actually explain why, I just.... don't. lol.

mrs. fuzz said...

Okay. My feet grew an entire size up after having kids to the shocking size of 11. Do they make attractive shoes in size 11? NO. Do all stores carry size 11? NO. But now I'm back down to a 10 which is nice I guess. And I take comfort that Pars Hilton wears an 11, but I can't afford her shoes. And no I don't like Paris Hilton.

Ditto on the shower.

Housewives. The worst show on tv, you know? These women are an embarrassment to women everywhere. I cringe at the thought of people watching this show thinking that this is what the USA is like. But. . . I can't stop watching it either. It IS like a trainwreck.

I speaka Spanish too and I am all about plain, peanut, or peanut butter m&ms and then the other day I tried coconut for the first time. Lawsie Mercie those were good!

It's always fun getting to know more about you!

KD said...

Mrs. Fuzz, HOW did you get your feet to shrink back to a size 10?!?! I want mine to shrink!! :(

Are the coconut m&m's part of the premium line? I haven't seen those yet. Thank for commenting.

911 and the Randomness.. said...

The coconut are out all over and they rock!
I'm also a lover of the hot morning shower.
Thanks for posting, this was cute!

KD said...

Darn! I forgot to check for the coconut ones at Target yesterday! Now I will have to keep my eyes out.