Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday (no whining!)

I had another whiny, poor me post half written and then I decided -- y'all don't want to hear about that! Neither do I, in fact. I realized that today is THURSDAY! Yes, people, that's right! Thankful Thursday. :)

Today I am thankful that...
  • I was able to get antibiotics for Dallas and he is not allergic to them (found out he has an ear infection yesterday while at his well baby checkup!)
  • I stocked up at the grocery store yesterday
  • Today is a new day
  • Husband has a job
  • John Piper reminded me that the desert may come before the oasis and it may last a long time (in the case of Joseph, 12 years!)
  • Nearly free tickets to the aquarium
  • I got my Southland fix last night
  • We have an awesome pediatrician
  • My friend is pregnant with #3
  • The punky skateboarders who were skating where we live didn't attack me yesterday
  • Not much "excitement" for DH back to work last night :) Makes ME happy and him unhappy but that's ok!
That's all for now. Go forth and be thankful!


Kimberly said...

I am thankful I have teeth & my hair isn't falling out.

KD said...

that's what I like to hear! :) Although it does feel like *my* hair is falling out (or am I pulling it out?).