Friday, March 19, 2010

Not sure what to think

My husband had a long case last night which may end up in a young person dying (or living as a vegetable) as a result of their own poor choices. The young person's mom was flying in from her home town. It was kind of a mess (in terms of police/fire response) so when my husband finally got to the hospital and asked the doctor the status of the patient, she responded with "critical." When my husband asked for clarification the doctor said something to the effect that even IF the patient "makes it," it will be with a life as a vegetable.


I don't know this young person, but as a young'un my assumption is "Your whole life was ahead of you, and now you've thrown it away!"

My husband had mostly negative things to say about this person throwing away their life, quelled a bit by the story of the mom coming to, quite possibly, watch her child die. But not for long. He quickly went back to his feelings of contempt for this person's poor choices. I'm in the other camp. I'm a little more compassionate. I wonder what made this person feel like these were good choices to make. Was there hopelessness involved? The loss of a significant other? Sheer stupidity at wanting to have a good time?

I will never know. No matter what, there is a hurting family out there right now. And I'm not sure what to think.


Cop Mama said...

These things, unfortunately, happen. I guess what I do is I say a little prayer for the family and then try not to focus on it. Sorry hun, there's going to be more of these in your DH's career. It's hard not to hurt for the families involved.

Meadowlark said...

I always think "There, but for the grace of God, go I". We all make stupid choices at one time or another. It's just that - so far - we've survived 'em.


KD said...

Meadowlark ~ you are totally right. I've definitely made some stupid choices but I have -- for better or worse -- survived them.

Cop Mama ~ Right again. I think the harder part for me to deal with was the lack of compassion I saw in my husband. Then myself, feeling compassion... but feeling like maybe I shouldn't be compassionate?!?! Awkward! :(