Saturday, March 27, 2010

joys, fears, goals, and obsessions

First, thanks to those of you who have stopped by from Friday Follow. It's been fun to visit and "meet" some new folks in the blog world.

I've been tagged by Mrs. Fuzz to list three joys, fears, goals, and obsessions. Maybe future posts will discuss some of these, because some of them could use some explanation. :) Here goes:

1. Getting a decent afternoon nap
2. A long hot shower in the morning
3. Summer's long twilight

1. Forgetting myself completely in motherhood, and having more kids to make that motherhood last "longer" (although.... once a mother, always a mother!)
2. My mom "kicking the bucket" earlier rather than later
3. Ruining my children

1. Move from our current living situation
2. Get back to my pre-pregnancies (yes, all of them) weight
3. Run a half marathon at some point in my life

1. Coffee, Scones, and Baking (yes, they are all capitalized on purpose)
2. Getting an awesome (or free!) deal on nice stuff (Dollar Store doesn't count, although I do like that place)
3. The crockpot

I'm supposed to tag SIX people. Please share your "three!"
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1 comment:

jackie said...

My goal is also to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and run half a marathon. That would be so awesome!

Have a wonderful week!