Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Southland Tuesday!

Today is another episode of Southland. Yes! Unfortunately because of the current situation at our house, I usually have to DVR the episode and get back to it at another time. At any rate, I just found a link to a blog post by Ben McKenzie about tonight's episode. Read the article (spoiler alert!!) on TV Guide here.

The first paragraph, however, doesn't spoil anything, where Ben talks about why he'll be going solo in tonight's episode. He makes a point of saying "The LAPD always partners up patrol cops, except for the sergeants (who act more as supervisors than first-responders)." Here's Southland taking poetic license, however, by putting Officer Sherman out on his own. I hope this is not the beginning of the end of a good show ~ you know, this is the first deviance from "true" life as a cop and then it all goes downhill from there?? It's plausible, obviously, since many departments go solo. We'll just see.

I also heard some "bad" news about Southland: they haven't started filming any new episodes beyond the ones that NBC did. So let's get with it, TNT! Southland Forever! ha ha that reminds me of a yearbook signing.

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mrs. fuzz said...

I liked reading his post. I am loving this show. I've been watching it online at tnt. I hope that they keep it "real". And I hope they keep having new episodes! I'm curious now if they make his going solo realistic. I'm guessing something happens with the partner (related to his back?) and there's no time to get someone to pair up with him? Hmmmm.