Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happiness 101

Mrs. Fuzz has gifted me with the Happiness 101 Award that is making the rounds these days.  Thanks, Mrs. Fuzz!  Here are 101 things that make me happy.  JUST KIDDING.  I'm only sharing 10 things.

  1. A quiet, hot, long MORNING shower (if you've been reading this very long you probably already know this one!)
  2. A hot beverage ritual ~ walking to my favorite local shop for something hot or taking the time to prepare it at home in a certain way... anything works.  They all make me happy!
  3. A clean house (no wonder I'm unhappy these days)
  4. A new location of my favorite local grocery store opening three blocks from my house NEXT WEEK!!
  5. A good deal.  Actually, a GREAT deal.  
  6. My children (usually)
  7. Any kind of discovery; like a fun bakery, a neat treat, a great deal, an unusual spider web, a unique collection of things.  In this way, I was made to be a mom.  I can marvel over the smallest things and take joy in them along with my kids.  My husband is, well, not so much like this.  :)  That's why I'm the mom and he isn't.
  8. Baking.  Well actually, eating the things I baked.  But baking.  NOT cooking.
  9. Books.  Books, books, books.  Can hardly climb into bed for all the books littering the floor on my side.  Can I get a shout out for your local library and paperbackswap?!?!!?
  10. My bed.  Oh, my dear, dear, sweet bed.  There's nothing like it.
I want to hear from YOU ~ what makes YOU happy these days??  Share in the comments or give us your 10 on your own Happiness 101 post.  


    mrsofficer said...

    haha I just did this award too! Nice list,I like the baking not the cleaning, I like the eating too but not so much for the waist line haha

    thatladybug said...

    I forgot to add a clean house. That would be almost number 1.

    I should also add a good night's sleep on a soft bed.

    mrs. fuzz said...

    nice list. You are a good mom by the way.