Friday, March 4, 2011

Hot Times In The Town Tonight

How do you find out what's happening while your LEO is on shift?  Over time I've read enough of y'all's blogs to know that sometimes our well-meaning LEO will quickly text and say "going to the hospital, be home late" and then ....... nothing........ for far too long, leaving you concerned that he's in the hospital with who-knows-what wrong and who-knows-what-will-happen while he's there.  Maybe he's taking a suspect, or it's for someone else..... My point is, when something's going down, sometimes you find out from your LEO, you watch the news, or (my new favorite) twitter.

Some time ago there was a big protest during one of DH's shifts, and I was combing twitter for updates.  It was nice to know what was going on.  I figured out the hashtag the protesters were using and got lots of lovely updates.  The news had some info, and of course, DH was completely out of touch so I heard details from him after the fact.  I really appreciated knowing what was going on via twitter -- from the protester's side of things.  Kinda humorous that I was keeping tabs on DH via the "enemy". 

So, when your LEO is long overdue home for some high-profile reason, what do you do?  Do you bury your head in the sand and wait for the details until he gets home so you don't worry yourself into an ulcer?  Do you flip through every news channel to get the news from every outlet possible?  Do you comb twitter, facebook, or your town's gossip blogs? 


BunnyO said...

I comb the television and internet like a mad woman. I remember once years ago my eldest son and I were driving to the grocery store when he said from the backseat, "Mommy why is Daddy in that ambulance?". Right in front of us was an ambulance and all I could see was hubs facing me... I almost had a heart attack and tried frantically to see through the little window if he was alright... to this day I never told him, but I followed that damn ambulance to the hospital and when it arrived - thank GOD it was hubs taking a suspect for a fit. Talk about scaring the hell out of me. Anyhow, I HATE when he gets held up.. I've got LOTS of stories I could share. Ugh.. :)

KD said...

@bunnyO, you crack me up!!!

John Rambo's Wife said...

We don't live in a busy enough place that I could flip through news channels. I've always just assumed the worst and then I am always pleasently suprised when he comes home alive. If he's REALLY late I'll just say "oh, he's dead" and go on with the rest of my day. Sounds morbid and crass I know, but I figure that my worrying really won't help anything. I usually don't call him because if he's late it is for a good reason and he is probably busy. We have an unspoken agreement to assume everything is fine unless I hear otherwise. I've had times where I've worried. Broken cell conversations where I thought he had been hurt etc. Been there. It is tough. But sometimes you have to just let go and let God. :)

BunnyO said...

John Rambo's Wife.. I think you're my new bff!!! "Oh, he's dead".. I cannot deny thinking the very same thing!!! Freakin' hilarious :)