Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Shift Review ~ Mids

It's been a few months now that my husband has been on mids.  It's OK.  It's the closest to days I'll ever get (which are of course my most favorite and his least favorite) so I'm happy to have a chance to test them out.

He still gets up after us (our day feels half over sometimes, especially when I've been up since 3 AM but that's another post in itself), and he is gone for most of the day while the kids are awake.  The nice thing is that it feels like a more flexible shift.  Since he is overlapping for most of his shift, he can sometimes sneak out a little early if he has extra time to burn (which he often does, since he mostly takes his OT as time off, not pay) and be home for a late dinner or family movie night.

Probably my number one, favorite thing about this shift?  On his days off, he is not a werewolf and he actually gets up at a reasonable time, and goes to bed around the same time we do!!  I love it!!  Thank you, so much, husband, for gifting me with this shift this time around.  After six years of every schedule imaginable (except for five or six months on your dreaded day shift!) I really appreciate you coming back to a daytime schedule.  :)  thanks :)


The Lioness said...

That's good news! Days are hard to come by here - it's where cops go to retire before they retire. The Lion just put in for a transfer to 3rd shift: 9 PM - 7 AM. That means he can pick up the kids from school and have more dinners with the family, but I get less sleeping with him during his set on.

Handcuffed Heart said...

I think the oldies kind of bypassed this newer overlap shift this time around because they were afraid of getting jerked around ~ which has happened a little bit. Husband has had to come in early or stay late more than usual, but it's still working for us.

Graves actually worked ok with us once we got in the groove. Having the whole bed to myself is nice, but then when I have to go back to sharing I'm not so nice. lol.