Thursday, November 19, 2009


Most people totally take eating for granted but it's a learned skill. (Sometimes it's one I wish I had never learned, ha ha.)

We're learning how to eat at our house.

Some important tips:

1) Food goes into the mouth and should be swallowed.

2) Food should not be played with like finger paint.

3) Nor should food be blown out of your mouth like bubble gum bubbles (although it's quite charming).

That's all for this Public Service Announcement.

Now it's your turn. What are you learning at your house? Are you doing any fun crafty things for Thanksgiving? I'm open to stealing your ideas! :)


mrsofficer said...

hahah this is very cute!

TM said...

Funny that you should ask, I'm working on a craft now, however I have jumped ahead to Christmas already. I'm working on making snowflakes. I have 80 pages of foil and patterned paper to make 20 different snowflakes. I'll be posting up pictures once they're complete.

The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

Hahahaha.. Cute!!! We are learning that Santa will not look at your list if its more then a few items long! So choose wisely!

KD said...

Ok, TM, that snowflake craft sounds waaaay too complicated for our little young crafting kiddies at our house. LOL. One friend suggested a "thanks" and "giving" tree that we can each write different items on for each tree each day. I liked that idea!