Saturday, November 7, 2009

Scrap Award

Mrs. Officer over at MrsOfficer2U sent The Honest Scrap award my way. It's been fun reading random, honest facts about folks in the blogsphere so I am finally, finally getting with it and contributing mine! Thanks for the link, Mrs. Officer!

Here are my 10 honest things:

1. I'm a third generation native of this fine state where I reside. In fact, before I moved away from my hometown, I was a third generation native of my hometown. Now that I am older I wish I still lived there, but I cannot convince my husband to move back to my hometown. :(

2. For the last 15 years I have lived within a 2 mile radius in an area that is usually pretty transient.

3. We don't give our kids sugar. By that I mean candy and dessert-type things. They eat muffins (occasionally), fruit, yogurt, and things like that but not the hardcore sugar. I figure some day that will all be over and that's fine. But I'm such a sugar addict I don't want them to get started using at such a young age!

4. I don't remember the first time I met my husband. We were in college and we were paired up to do an afternoon outreach event, but I have no recollection of the day. At the time he thought "I could marry this nerdy girl" (which I only found out the day he proposed, and almost caused me to say "Did you just call me nerdy? And ask me to marry you? No!!"). Five years after our initial meeting we were reacquainted (or acquainted, depending on who you ask!) and later married.

5. Instead of moving to West Africa, I married my husband.

6. I am a shopaholic. I was well trained by my mom. I learned how to calculate percentages by shopping the racks at Macy's at a young age. (Although back then it wasn't called Macy's.) I have champagne taste on a beer budget and I usually succeed with my champagne. I'm just patient, willing to buy high-quality used items, and always on the lookout for a great deal! :) One of my girlfriends claims I have built-in sale radar, finding things she didn't even know were right in front of her face. It's hilarious.

7. A huge defining event in my life is that my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor just weeks after I left home for college. He died 18 months after his diagnosis, in the midst of all sorts of folks "dying on me" left and right. I'm not too skittish about death and talking about it because I've experienced plenty of it, and society does us a disservice by sweeping it under the rug.

8. My husband and I are different in almost every way imaginable. That makes for some great frustrations but great fun, too.

9. I'm (generally) a pretty friendly, outgoing person. However, I am a very private person. Being that I feel more anonymous on this blog, I let go of my obsessive need for privacy somewhat. :)

10. I have always wanted to work in the health care field or be a lawyer. It is so cliche but.. oh well. I'm already scheming about how I can go back to school in one of these fields once my babies are not such babies.

I'm taking the tack of copswife over at Married to the Law.... It feels like many of the folks in my little sphere have already done or been named, and I'd hate to hoist this on someone. So if you're reading this and you haven't done this yet, consider yourself tagged and get on with your 10 Honest Things! :)


911 and the Randomness.. said...

Teach me to be a shopaholic! that sounds like fun!!
And why were you going to move to West Africa? If you don't mind my asking.

Meadowlark said...

#8. I'm with you on this. We are night & day. 180 degrees apart on almost everything. How we've survived 24 years is mostly a mystery... we're just stubborn I suppose. ;) It does make it interesting though!!

Anonymous said...

Hey!! #4. I don't remember meeting my husband either! Except this wasn't revealed when he propsed and he did not call me nerdy. lol. We went to school together my sophmore and his junior year. Except I have no memory of him. He was dating someone at the time and I am sure I just crossed him off my list. He remembers me and thought I was cute but there were no sparks really. We didn't officially start dating until about 8-9 years later when we met on a Christian Singles dating site online! Yes, online!!!

LOUD&PROUD ♥MoNeeKa♥ said...

great list!I'm with you on #8-we are sooo opposite but hey you cant have 2 loudmouths now can you,lol

Natalie said...

I love #6! I too feed off of good deals and before having kids, I would shop with my mom and some nights we wouldn't get home until the wee hours of the morning. We know exactly which stores close first and where their clearance sections are.

I've also noticed that the better a deal I get on something, the more I love it. Very rarely do I buy something full price, and I can never "love" it as much as getting it on sale.