Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who are YOU?

Mrs. Fuzz blogged today about a recent on-shift incident of her husband, HF. Evidently a concerned citizen really needed proof that he was a true-to-life, authorized, uniformed cop. You can read all about it here.

Although it's not identical, DH had a similarly interesting event happen to him on shift a while back. A young woman, who lived in a house with a bunch of other young ladies, had been inappropriately advanced upon by a male while walking home. Once she arrived back to her house, she told some of her housemates and eventually someone called 911 (or let's hope it was the non-emergency number since there was no immediate danger -- although I doubt it!) and requested an officer come by. On DH's beat, he took the call and when he arrived at the house someone let him in. Eventually several ladies descended upon him and demanded he leave the house until he could provide proper credentials.

Excuse me?

I know DH (and now all of you!) are thinking the same thing: "YOU called ME and now you want me to prove I'm the real deal?"

That would be one really sneaky criminal to
1) listen to the radio
2) beat the REAL cop to the address
3) be gone before the REAL cop shows up

Oh. My. I did forget to ask if these were all blondes. Given the law of averages I'm sure they were not. But I do wonder... was I really that dumb 10 years ago too? I hope not!!


mrs. fuzz said...

I understand verifying, but sometimes it just seems so obvious.

Last night HF worked a special event. A college basketball game. He is wearing the full uniform plus a police hat (like a baseball cap). He has all his stuff on the belt, etc. A little boy walks by with his mom and says, "Look mommy! A policeman!" she looks over at HF and says, "It's kind of a policeman." HF was waving at the little boy and showing him his badge and the stuff on his belt, and the little boy says again, "It's a real policeman mommy!" She looks again and says, "whatever."

??? I don't see how you would think he wasn't an officer. All HF said was, "It's so simple a child can understand."

Are people crazy?

KD said...

ha ha ha, thanks for giving me a great laugh this afternoon!!