Friday, November 13, 2009

Top 10 Tips for Total Wellness

I just found a link from LAPD Wife about a site called "Cops Alive" and a recent post they shared stating the top 10 tips for total wellness. (How I wish I could have thought of a word that began with "F" to replace "wellness"!!) Anyway, it might be worth a visit ~ nothing you don't already know but unfortunately they also include links to research and support from places like the Mayo Clinic (oy vey!) so now it's not just good advice your mom gave you ~ but you avoided ~ now it's the professionals!! ha ha.

Like I said, most of the top 10 will come as no surprise. I did laugh out loud when it got to #8: Be Moderate in Your Intake of Caffeine and Sugar and Don’t Use Tobacco. Although my husband does not use either of those (much ~ although he does love a good Coke!), I'm pretty sure the majority of cops we know smoke or drink (a lot of) coffee or both.

Might be worth a quick look... you might learn something and bookmarking the site might yield something healthful helpful down the road. who knows?!?


Anonymous said...

Wow that's quite the list. I didn't read all the links but I should. They really did a good job researching all that.

Now I need a nap. :-)

mrs. fuzz said...

This is cool. Thanks for linking to that. I'm going to show it to HF and make him comply. :)